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Chennai Property Management is full-service property management company helping home owners find tenants and thereafter manage the property in their absence.

We believe that a key component in managing a property is keeping tenants happy, which in turn reflects on the upkeep of the property. This when topped with high integrity and attentive service to home owners and tenants, leads to hassle-free property ownership.

We are successfully managing several residential and commercial properties and plots. This experience helps you get the best return on investment. Geographically, we manage residential and commerical properties and land in and around Chennai

If you’re looking for a responsible property management company, one that offers outstanding service, you should speak to us.

Why us?

We are an agile Property Management company focussed on improving investor value, managing and protecting property. Our Experience, Know-how & fresh approach of Preventive Care & 'Know-thy neighborhood' initiative leads to hassle-free property ownership.

  Experience, Know-how
For several years, we've managed homes, lands and commercial buildings in and around chennai. This experience helps us avoid or address common property maintenance and protection challenges.

  Execution, Execution, Execution
Experience & know-how is not enough if you can't execute to protect your client's value. At Chennai Property Management, the focus is on execution. For instance, if there's a broken pipe, we attend to it immediately. Is your neighbor violating code and building too close to your property? we address it right away.

  Preventive Care
We focus on preventing issues, rather than letting problems happen and waiting to solve them. For instance, when we manage your home, if we send an electrician to fix issues, we have him look around for other issues and resolve them to prevent future issues.

  Know-thy neighborhood initiative
We get to know your neighborhood quite a bit. Getting to know your neighbors, local officials & other related people has many benefits - It reduces chances of encroachments, keeps you updated on neighborhood developments and prevents issues.

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Ph: 99626 12255
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